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Check out these great hiking poles for kids. You can have your choice of color, length, and hand grips. There are so many different styles for kids. In the next couple paragraphs we will go over what kids are looking for in a hiking pole. The different styles can be a little overwhelming at first so we will cover that as well. Personally I think hiking sticks are the coolest because of all the different varieties. I’m planning on getting a couple pairs for my own nieces and nephews.

Why For Kids?

Kids/youth/teens are growing and developing strength. Having bad posture when out hiking is a hard thing for the body to deal with, especially in these stages of development. Hiking poles for kids of all ages are a wonderful idea because theyHiking Poles For Kids will help them have a proper posture when hiking or walking. By doing this you can help to prevent potential health problems in the future related to back, knee or hip pain.

My wife and I both have some back problems and may I say that using hiking poles has taken a lot of back and knee pain away from both of us. When you or your kids use poles for walking or when on the trail the amount of impact that your body is exposed to is significantly lower due to a portion of your weight transferring onto the pole. Poles for kids set them up for successful exercise that builds their body and creates a safe foundation right beneath their feet.

Reducing Fatigue

Another practical way that hiking poles positively affect children is by reducing fatigue. Walking with poles reduces the strain on the muscles in the body and helps to provide a consistent and steady pace when walking. The tension that is relieved when walking with a hiking pole is noticeably and arguably one of it’s best assets. This therefore, reduces fatigue. Children often greatly vary in their energy throughout longer walks. Hiking poles are a great way to keep them steady, sure of themselves and confident in where they place their feet.


The length of a trekking pole is a necessity to understand, like for adults the proper length is determined according to the height of the individual. The taller you are the longer pole you will need and also the shorter you are the shorter hiking pole you need. It is recommended that when standing on flat ground the pole should be adjusted so your elbow is at 90 degrees when your hand is located on the grip of the adjustable trekking pole. When looking at the length of a hiking pole before purchase an easy way to do it is to make sure the hiking pole is adjustable from, for example, being able to extend from 25 inches to 40 inches. By doing this the person that you are getting the pole/poles for will be able to use this pole for an extra extended about of time.

Hand grips

Remember the comfier the handle is for kids the more this age group will want to use them. Read the reviews off the certain hiking poles you are looking at to purchase to make sure they have a good enough handle so that your kid can use it. For example: if the handle is too big then they will not be able to handle the hiking pole properly as their hand may be able to slip off which would defeat the purpose of the pole all together. You can also look into getting handles of different materials: rubber, lots of flex, less flex and even a cloth material.

Complete style

The wrist strap attached to the handle can also be styled to your kids needs. So if your child is into hello kitty then you can get yourself a hello kitty wrist strap. Your child can totally customize their hiking pole and it’s accessories to suite their style. I know my nephews love their toys to be their favorite color and I can also relate to this because I also like objects of mine to be a certain color. I prefer my hiking poles to be black or blue. For this reason I suggest getting your kids a color they love not only to get them to like it but to get them to use it as well. When my wife and I go hiking our poles are our go to item to grab before heading out the door. Where mine are more heavy-duty looking, hers are brighter and more feminine looking. Which fits both of our personalities. This is the fantastic thing about getting hiking poles for your kids. Nothing better than each of your children being able to have poles especially designed their personalities.

Conclusion Of The Matter

Whether setting out on a walk around town or hitting up a steep slope, a solid pair of hiking poles will be a huge asset to your kids. They help them to be confident in their steps, create a firm and reliable foundation under their feet, help reduce fatigue when walking and can be perfectly designed to compliment their personalities. Hiking poles for kids are a huge benefit to their, and in turn your, out door experience.

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  1. What a great idea. I have never thought about hiking poles before reading this article and now that I am getting older I think I might need some for my next big hike.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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