Hiking Pole Camera Mount – The Trusty Monopod

I have been thinking for a while of getting a hiking pole camera mount. Honestly, I don’t think there is a better way to spend your day than combing favorite hobbies. For me, that involves hiking and photography. Now, I wouldn’t call myself a superman man of a hiker, nor an amazing photographer, but alas, I greatly enjoy both. There is something so special and rewarding about hiking to the top of a mountain, overlooking the world, and capturing the memory with a photograph.

But unfortunately in the past I have run into some issues when trying to combine these two hobbies. It’s shocking how little justice most cameras do to the beauty before them. I will over look the most magnificent view, take a picture and be shell shocked at how… pitiful the photo can be. Add in trying to take a selfie or a shot of you and your hiking partner, and it just gets more disheartening.

Hence, – a hiking pole camera mount, or in other words, a mono pod. I’ve only ever taken simple photography classes. SO I am not a camera pro by any means. I would have to do so much research to know what camera to advise someone to use. But what I do know is that a steady base for your photo makes a big difference.

Pros of a Monopod

Oh friend, let me tell you. Monopods are the bees knees of hiking and photography being combined. They are incredible for a few different reasons:

Lightweight: Now if you have read my previous posts you know that I am all about hiking smart. Which is basically the same as hiking with as little weight as possible. A tripod, selfie stick or some DIY rendition is, simply put, not going to be light enough to trek up a mountain with. A mono pod is however.

  • Now, you are more than welcome to use just a cell phone with your hiking poles – which I admit, I often do. But it just doesn’t cut it for me anymore when it comes to truly capturing the beauty before me. It lacks the stability, as well as the ability to take far out shots.

Multipurpose: What I love about a mono pod is that it is not only significantly lighter than a tripod, but it can double as a hiking pole. It is also so much better than a selfie stick – as you can’t use one of those to support weight, decrease fatigue or steady yourself.

  • A mono pod is just the best of both worlds. Light, sturdy, fatigue and pain reducing and, it assists in getting a gorgeous photo with a solid camera.

Allowance: There are a surprising amounts of places (zoos, restaurants, concerts etc) that either do not like or even, in some cases, prohibit the use of a tripod. And in some places mother nature seems to be the one prohibiting tripods. There are tough places to hike into where tripods don’t always cut it. But, you can do these spots with a mono pod.

  • Monopods are allowed pretty much everywhere as they take up little space and are easy to move or maneuver in a hurry. They are just all around more practical if there are lots of people around or if the terrain is intense.
  • So be it a crowd or a mountain summit – a mono pod is a good option for your photos.

Cons of a Monopod

One thing you should know about me, I’m into honesty. So I am not going to write something without having that factor in it. There are cons to a mono pod. If you sort of like to hike but are really into photography, monopods may not be the best choice.

Less Stability: Monopods are not as stable as tripods. It’s that plain and simple. Monopods’s have one leg for support whereas tripods have, drum roll please… three. If you are shooting and really need the stable factor, a tripod is most likely a better option. 

Shutter speed: Now this is where stuff gets technical and can go above my head. But my research has led me to understand that if the shutter speed is too fast the mono pod is not as useful. When the shutter speed (how long the shutter is open when you take a photo) is fast, you are less likely to need a mono pod as the camera will take a good and clear photo anyways. And the use of the mono pod for stability becomes less important.

Would I personally buy a Monopod

Simple answer, yes. If I could find hiking pole with a camera mount or a mono pod or something DIY and similar, I would. I have yet to dig into brands and do all the super intense work on which option I would buy. But I have done the pros and cons weighing as well as the matching of those to my life style. And, I have come to the conclusion that for someone like me, someone who loves loves loves to hike and really enjoys taking photo’s of their hikes, a mono pod would be a huge asset.

What about you? Have you ever considered a mono pod? Do you have one?


2 thoughts on “Hiking Pole Camera Mount – The Trusty Monopod

  1. As a hunter and outdoorsman , I’ve walked many miles through the woods and trails all over the southeast . Usually I would just pick up a long, strong stick to use as a walking pole. I bought an El cheapo at Walmart Mart and it worked pretty well besides leaving blisters on my hands and didn’t last long ( I expected that).
    But these poles give you an ergonomic fit for your hand , are high quality and have a means to use it as a monopod for your camera !
    That is awesome ! I might have to look into one of these !

    1. Thanks for the read and reply. Ya, these Monopods are pretty kool for sure. I’m glad you found interest in this article. Have a cheaper hiking stick can definitley leave blisters as you realized in the past. If you would like you could check these Monopods out here (the grips seem very comfortable).

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