Review Cheap Walking Sticks – Can Cheap Still Be Good?

Product: Collapsible Trekking Pole, Folding Walking Stick with Carrying Case

Price: $24.99

Cheapest Place to Buy:

53 inches extended and 13 inches folding length.

Weight Per Pole:

My rating: 7 out of 10


This trekking pole is unique in that it can collapse and be put into a carrying bag. The pole disassembles in three places and can then be folding up for easier transportation. It also comes with a carrying bag. I love this as you can use the pole when you wish and then fold it up and put it in the bag when you aren’t wanting to use it. It’s nice for longer hikes where for what ever reason you want a break from holding a pole. This pole is also good for traveling, easily stored in a back pack and fit into a vehicle or luggage for a plane ride. This pole is just all around a good idea to have a foldable pole.

Assembling: The assembling of this pole is thankfully very simple. Each section of the pole is attached by a type of stretchable cord. The sections click into place and then you twist each section until it is firm. Simple and easy to do. Just the way I like it.


This is always one of the make or break it aspects of a good pole for me. A lightweight pole is mandatory as far as I am concerned. This pole is just that. This pole is just over half a pound. 0.62lbs to be exact, which is so good! This pole is so important to get a pole light enough that you don’t feel like you are dragging weight around with you. This pole is also great as many times you will be folding it up and carrying it. With a lightweight like this, you would hardly even feel it. Also, makes it nice for transporting it by plane as it won’t add an abundance of weight to your carry on or luggage. If you would like to check it out click here.Hiking pole Link


The tip on this pole is a sturdy rubber material that is designed to keep you safe. This pole is made to be good for all weather and terrains. Having a sturdy tip is so important – and this one is made to be good even on rocky or uneven terrain. I like this because even though a majority of my walks are around town or on simple country roads, there are a few times a month when we do a big hike and hit the more uneven and scary terrain. A solid tip on your pole is so important when doing this.


Now, you really do have to love a good anti-shock set up. It helps reduce pain in the ankles, knees, hips and back. This pole is one of the reasons getting a hiking stick is important. It is not a good feeling when you put a stick down and it almost jumps back off of the pavement. An anti-shock pole does not do this. It absorbs the bounce and frees your body from having to experience that push back.

Should you buy this?

Personally: I think this is a great pole. For the price – it is a great buy. I love that it is compact. I like that the tip is well thought out and sturdy. The lightweight aspect is key and important. The amount of help it offers the body as far as being anti-shock is great. I think this is an all around great pole. For the long hikes, 20plus km I prefer lever-locking sticks as I know I will be using them all the time (not needing them to collapse). But I absolutely would buy this pole for my every day use. Easy to transport, effective at reducing fatigue, and light enough to carry around with me.

100% guarantee: Now here is where you really just can’t go wrong. The company offers a 100% money back guarantee (for 30 days after first purchased) if you are not happy with the pole. That says a lot. I love working with and purchasing from a company that is proud of their work and knows that it will work well.

All in all – I would recommend this pole. I think that the price is right and the quality good. Cheap walking sticks can be good. You do not need to spend an arm and a leg to get a good pole, which is relieving! Have any of you tried a collapsible pole before? Would you?






2 thoughts on “Review Cheap Walking Sticks – Can Cheap Still Be Good?

  1. Thank you for the review of the collapsible trekking pole. It looks pretty sturdy. I like it being lightweight and easy to transport.

    I have never used a collapsible trekking pole before. It reminds of the collapsible tent sticks. Since it is lightweight, I wonder will it collapse easily if a heavy person use it?

    1. Your welcome, and this hiking pole is very sturdy because it is made out of aluminum which has the same strength as steel at 1/3 the weight. Putting only down pressure on this pole when it is put together will be very safe and easily hold a substantial amount of weight. 

      Also hiking poles are only as good as the connecting joins of the particular pole. The more expensive the pole the heavier duty the connecting joints of it. 

      P.S. I would trust this pole on most of my hiking adventures.

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